Birra Puddu - birrificio Santa Giusta

PUDDU: popular craft beer

The taste we wanted to deliver with our bottles was one of a great and authentic craft beer. We achieved this goal starting from the history of Puddu Beer Brewery, which has its roots in Oristano, and has made a well-known and appreciated beer since the 1960s. Rediscovering it, we came up with the idea of creating a truly popular, Sardinian, craft beer for everyone.


Simple recipes, but powerful ideas. For our first production, we started choosing carefully our ingredients focusing on finding the purest water, the best hops, and malts for aroma, body, and structure. We then created the first three products of Puddu Beer: a Porter, a Golden Ale, and an India Pale Ale -aka Ipa for friends- to drink as you please, not necessarily in this order. Strong, genuine, and proud of their local origin. Very much like three Sardinians would be.


The history of Birra Puddu is well known in Sardinia, but we wanted to rediscover it, so we studied it thoroughly and fell in love with it. It’s a story that talks about passion, Saridinia and beer production in the 1960s. Now, we want to tell it to the world. Through our products, we want to deliver that story, that quality beer production, located in an ancient village on the southwestern coast of the island.

Birra Puddu - birrificio Santa Giusta
Birra Puddu - brindisi


We are three Sardinians and professionals in the food and wine sector, passionate about beer. A master brewer, an expert in food production, and a food and wine journalist: one day we sat around a table and, over a good beer, we had an ambitious yet exceptional idea.

Birra Puddu - birrificio Santa Giusta
Birra Puddu - birrificio artigianale
Birra Puddu ghiacciata


News, events, and curiosities from the world of artisan brewing. What happened, what is happening and what will happen around us? Where can you go on the weekend? Here we try to collect some good ideas.


Birra Puddu is a story of rediscoveries, starting with the factory of the brand from which we took the name, recovering that courageous experience that made its way to Oristano in the 1960s. But what is a Taproom? A space where you can taste craft and draft beers, and above all be together. A nice place to pass the time.

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